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Anonymous asked:
Did you see what Nico's cousin said about Sharon on her Tumblr?


MMmmm nope, I don’t follow her… what did she say?

wow who cares what nico’s cousin said about Sharon

Nico’s Cousin and her Blog


I’m going to put in my two cents worth regarding Nico’s Cousin and her dislike of Sharon. I do follow her blog. I like some of the fashion that she normally post. They’re mostly updated street wear that remind me of the 90’s look, which I happen to like. Please don’t judge… ☺️

I think first impressions are very hard to erase especially if it wasn’t a nice or pleasant one to begin with. There could be multiple of reasons why Sharon didn’t speak with her or introduced herself on the day she happened to be on set. Although I don’t consider myself an introvert I tend to be on the quite side when meeting people for the first time. Maybe that was the case with Sharon. Remember her portrayal of Rae Earl was her first major breakout role. She can’t go up and introduce herself to every single person visiting the set each day… Can you image how long that would take? She IS/WAS playing the title role. I’m sure if Nico would have introduced her to Sharon that day, she would have had a different opinion of her.

Nico’s cousin often receives “ask” messages regarding his relationship status. Which is probably truly annoying for her. Someone asked if she was close to Nico, she replied that she thought they were somewhat when she visited last year, but not so much now. Honestly I don’t think she has intimate knowledge of Nico’s relationships, past or present. So when people ask her those types of questions PLUS with her dislike of Sharon, her answers are going to be skewed towards the catty side. 

In my opinion it would be great if they were more than friends since they’re both single, however I don’t believe they are dating or have ever dated. From their interviews and looks I know they have high regard for one another and amazing chemistry with each other. So ship whatever, whomever you like. Don’t let others perception influence how you feel, because not everyone’s answer can be unbiased.

Sorry for the long post… Just had to say something.

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Hi, seeing as everyone thinks they know everything about the day me and Sharon met let me tell you this:

They were filming one easy scene for the day.

Random people visiting the set does not usually happen, this was a one-off as I had travelled all the way from bloody Australia


Filming had finished and we went in this hall to eat a bit of dinner. Everyone had finished and Nico introduced me to Sharon who just walked off. 

I have the right to dislike anyone I want.

Plus, I don’t see why my opinion matters to everyone so much.

Everyone needs to chill out and stop assuming things.


My boyfriend. Photographed by me.